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Sellers made an extra $220,000 in 2 days !!!

46 Bronzewing Close Elanora       Sold in 48 hours –  $1,020,000  

The sellers were two ladies – childhood friends – who were looking for a dual living home.  I found this  two storey home for them to buy 12 months earlier- but it was in a very poor state and had been on the market for over 6 months.

Massive 44 Square home – 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fabulous water views from most rooms, dual living in the heart of Elanora.

Renovated- Pre Home Staging                                    After Home Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close -Elanora-renovated-living         1-Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora

They had paid $685,000 and spent $80,000 over 12 months to renovate the home-

new paint, carpet and tiles upstairs, 2 new bathrooms and painted the kitchen cabinetry.


Lorena-Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora-master          Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora

At this stage,  most agents would have said, “Great, now we take it to market.”

They would have sold for around $800,000, in the renovated state, compared to

recent sales of similar sized homes.


But you see, I’m the Home Selling Specialist.

I’m committed to my clients achieving the absolute best price possible … so we had it staged!

Lorena-Chiappara-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora-media-renovated media         Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora

I felt that staged we would sell for close to $1M, but I also knew this was the very top

end of the market for the area.   We started at Offers over $1,090,000.

Lorena-Chiappara-Bronzewing-bathroom-renovated          Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora


Sold in 48 hours for $1,020,000.

Another record sale – for  both price and days on market for the area. 


Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora  Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora  Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora  Lorena- Chiappara-46-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora


Sellers made an extra $220,000!!!

44 Bronzewing Close Elanora

Sold for $920,000 – 3 weeks and 3 written offers

The sellers were an older couple looking to downsize.  They had seen what I had achieved next door and called me in two days later.

They had been in the home for 18 years and it was very dated – peach carpet and walls, chandeliers and over filled with heavy dark timber furniture- their and their daughters.  Two bathrooms and laundry were 30 years old- the ensuite had been renovated 15 years ago as had the kitchen- but they were tired looking and would need updating.

Based on sales in the  area of similar 5 bedroom homes, in that original condition, we would have achieved around $700,000.

After our consultation, they removed all the furniture from the house, new paint and carpet throughout, and replaced the chandeliers with modern oyster light fittings.  Kitchen and bathrooms were left as they were. And of course, we  staged the home.

Before staging – new paint and carpet                 After staging

Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora-Living-Before        Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora-Living-After

With the fresh paint and new carpet and light fittings, the owners could have achieved

around $750,000 compared to other sales in the area.

Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora-Master-bedroom-before     Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Elanora-Master-bedroom-after

They had great water views from the kitchen and main living area upstairs. And there was a pool.

Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Kitchen-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Kitchen-After

The massive rumpus room downstairs had only been painted and staged.

Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Rumpus-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Rumpus-After

SOLD- $920,000 in 3 weeks  3 written offers

Another record price for the area and for days on market


Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Entry-After  Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Bedroom-2-After  Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Bedroom-3-After  Lorena-Chiappara-44-Bronzewing-Close-Balcony-After



Sellers made an extra $192,500!!!

17 Southaven Dr Helensvale        

Sold for $1,142,500  – 5 weeks,  35 groups of inspections, 3 written offers. 

The sellers were a lovely couple, who were wanting to sell so that the husband could retire. They had seen me on Facebook, and wanted me to sell their rental property.

Before                                                                        After Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Formal-living-room-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Formal-Living 4-After

Stunning water front home- although it was considerably smaller to others in the neighbourhood.

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Pool-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Pool-After

It was now vacant. They had some painting done, new carpet and new pool fencing.

Then we had it staged.

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Master-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Mastersuitel-After

We were competing with 6 other homes in the street- all twice the size and on the market

from $1.29M – $1.39M. All of whom have been for sale for between six and twelve months.

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Kitchen-Living-1-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Kitchen-Living-After

Unstyled, I feel we would have struggled to achieve $1,000,000. Similar sized homes were selling for around $950,000.

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Study-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Study-2-After

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Guest-room-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Guest-2-After

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Bedroom-4-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-bedroom-4-2-After

Sold for $1,142,500  – 5 weeks,  35 groups of inspections, 3 written offers. 

Record days on market for the area and exceptional price for the size of the home. 

Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Formal-Living-3-After  orena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Styled-shot-4-After  Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Internal-After  Lorena-Chiappara-17-Southaven-Drive-Helensvale-Styled-shot-5-After

Sellers made an extra $80,000!!!

8 Spumante Crt Highland Park:     

Sold for $600,000 –  2 days,  7 written offers.

This was a young family who were selling to relocate to another country and start a whole new life.   I had been recommended to them.

     Before                                                                               After Staging

  Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- front- living-after


Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Dr-Highland-Park-family-room-Before  Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- fmaily-room-After

Their dream price was $560,000, but they were very concerned because most homes in this

neighbourhood were still selling in the high $400,000’s…possibly low $500,000s.

Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Dr-Highland-Park-Bedroom3-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- Bedroom-3-After

The house had been fully renovated, large block of land and large pool.

Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- Pool-AfterLorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- Kitchen-After







I felt that as it stood we would achieve around $520,000  but I knew that properly prepared and staged  we would achieve high $500,000’s.

Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Dr-Highland-Park-Dining-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- Dining-After

Sold for $600,000 –  2 days,  7 written offers.

A street and neighbourhood record for price and days on market!

Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- Styled-shot2-After  Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- styled-shot-After  Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- styled-shot3-After  Lorena-Chiappara-8-Spumante-Crt-Highland-Park- Bedroom4-After

Seller made an extra $49,000!!!

33 Azure Way, Coomera          

Sold  for $429,000 – 8 days, 4 written offers  

The vendor called from the UK- she had seen me on Facebook and wanted me to sell her duplex. She had purchased it nine months earlier for $390,000.

Before                                                                          After Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Master-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Master-After

She was due back in Australia in 3 weeks and wanted it sold by then for a top price.

This area is notorious for lengthy days on market due to heavy supply of stock.

Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Kitchen -Before   Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Kitchen-After

This gorgeous duplex was in also in a display estate competing with free standing

‘house and land’ packages for $440,000. Other duplexes were selling for under $390,000.

Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-dining-before   Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Lounge-After

The living area was quite compact, but reconfiguring of furniture opened it right up.

Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Bed-2-Living -Before   Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-bedrom-2-After

Then I had it staged, and gardens mulched.

Sold  for $429,000 – 8 days, 4 written offers  

Record price, and days on market, for duplexes in this area.  

Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Front entry-After  Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Bedroom-3-After  Lorena Chiappara 33 Azure way Coomera Master  Lorena-Chiappara-33-Azure-Way-Coomera-Alfresco-After

Seller made an extra $90,000!!!

12 Maidstone Place, Robina   

Sold for $640,000 – 2 days,  5 written  offers.  

This was a single mum with 2 young daughters looking to upsize.

Before                                                                        After Staging   

Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Formal -living-Befor   Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Formal-Living-After

Her dream price was $600,000 when all other similar sized homes were selling for around $550,000.

Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Living -2-Befor  Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Living-After

She was concerned about being able to achieve her dream price, and being on the market for too long.

Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-master-Before   Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-master-After

I knew that with proper presentation we should be able to achieve at least $600,000,

Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Study-Befor   Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Study-After

Sold for $640,000 – 2 days,  5 written  offers.  

Another record for price and days on market for the area!

Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Bedroom-2-After   Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Alresco-After  Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Styled-shot5-After  Lorena-Chiappara-12-Maidstone-Place-Robina-Styled-shot-After

Sellers made an extra $215,000!!!

22 Tanjenong Place,  Burleigh Heads     

Sold  $1,190,000 in 4 weeks

The sellers were baby boomers – looking to downsize.

Before                                                                      After Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Living-room-3-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Living-area-after

It was a very large home over 3 levels with amazing views to Burleigh Beach.

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Outdoor-Living-room-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Alfresco-after

They had been on the market 12 months earlier, but it was very poorly presented.

Their agent had said to ‘Just tidy up’. As home owners, they didn’t know any better.

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Living-room-4-Before Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Living-room-3-After

As a result they had only had one offer at $975,000.

They begrudgingly accepted, but then the contract collapsed.

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Master-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Master-after

The same agents had recently told them they would never achieve $1,000,000!

Let alone anything over that. They wanted over $1,100,000.

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Bedroom-2-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-bedroom -3-after

This time we advised that they give the whole house a fresh coat of paint,

and new carpet in the living area and master suite.

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Living-room-2-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Place-Burleigh-Heads-Living-room-2-After

And then we staged the home.

Sold in 4 weeks:  $1,190,000

$215,000 more and another record for street price and days on market!

Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Styled-3-after  Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Styled-2-after  Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Bed-2-after  Lorena-Chiappara-22-Tanjenong-Pl-Burleigh Heads-Kitchen-after

Sellers made an extra $65,000!!!

154 KP McGrath Dr Elanora     

Sold for $645,000 –  in 24 hours and 7 written offers.

This was a lovely young family who were wanting to buy a home on acreage.

Before                                                                    After Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Front entry-Before.   Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Front -Entry-After

The wife was heavily pregnant, a toddler in tow, and huge German Shepherd dog.

They were concerned about how long it would take to sell.

Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Master-Before.     Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Master-after-2

Their dream price was $600,000 – other homes were selling for mid $500,000’s –

over 3 to 4 months.

Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Living-Before-2    Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Living-after-2

They did some maintenance to the timber floors, a little painting and mulched the gardens.

Then we had it staged for sale.

Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Bedroom-2-Before.     Lorena-Chiappara-154- KP-McGrath-Dr- Bedroom2-After

Sold for $645,000 –  in 24 hours and 7 written offers.

Record price, and days on market, for the suburb.

Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Master-After.   Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Upstairs-Living-After   Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Styled-2-After   Lorena-Chiappara-154-K-P-McGrath-Dr-Elanora-Entry to Master-After

Sellers made an extra $75,000!!!

65 Macleay Circuit Upper Coomera    

Sold for $625,000  – 13 days, 3 written offers.

The sellers were relocating to New Zealand and wanted the house sold before they left in 3 weeks.

Before                                                                           After Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Dining-Before     Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Kitchen-Dining-After

Another agent had suggested a price of between $480,000 – $520,000.

Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Living-Before     Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Living-After

I knew that unstyled we would achieve $550,000 but days on market were slow in this area.

Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Bed-2-Before      Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Bedroom-2-After

We had the property styled and I felt we should now sell for over $600,000.

Sold for $625,000  – 13 days, 3 written offers.

Record price and days on market for the area!

Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Master-After2    Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-outdoor- Living-After    Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Front door-After     Lorena-Chiappara-67-Macleay-Cct-Coomera-Kitchen-After

Sellers made an extra $63,000!!!  

14/1 Riverwalk Ave Robina        

Sold for $363,000 – 7 days and 19 inspections

Previous offers: $300,000

This was the first time I used styling to sell a property.  It was back in 2013.

The market was very slow at this time and I was their third agent.

The elderly mother had passed away 2 years earlier, and they’d been trying to sell since then.

Before                                                                     After Staging

Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Master-Bedroom-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Master-Bedroom-After

It was a gorgeous ground floor unit in a fabulous location…but poorly presented.








The son refused to consider staging at the beginning

. . . but after 5 weeks with only 9 inspections and 3 offers at $300,000, he agreed.

Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Living area-Before    Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Living area-After

Once it was staged, the results were fantastic:

Sold for $363,000 – 7 days and 19 inspections

Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Dining-After    Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Courtyard-After    Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Living-Area-After    Lorena-Chiappara-14.1-Riverwalk-Ave-Robina-Kitchen-Area-After