Freaky Reasons The Right Home Could Get You Fired….

So you’re looking for the right house to buy?

Not an easy task. Almost impossible, some might say?

But what happens when you find that house?  The one that sets your heart a fluttering; keeps you awake at night while waiting for the call back from the agent to say your offer has been accepted.

This is when a whole other host of issues commence. And if not tackled logically could actually get you fired…

Make Selling Your Home as Fierce as RuPaul …

Your Home For Sale needs to stand out!

Be bold!  Be different even – but in the right way.

This is where the right advice from an agent who has a fantastic team of professionals behind her is the vital key to a successful home sale.

You don’t think RuPaul  gets up in the morning and simply  rolls out of bed looking that fabulous, do you?


Why The Right Agent Beats Peanut Butter On Pancakes.

I know it doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

Peanut butter and pancakes?

Most people have maple syrup and whipped butter;  some even have maple syrup and  bacon.

But like most things in life sometimes you need to change common misconceptions and look beyond the obvious.

Being the home selling specialist- aka real estate agent- I often hear and read that agents are not trusted. In fact, we still sit below sex workers on the trust stakes.…

Pretty Woman- what really happened 19 years later?

At the start of the fairy tale, it‘s all roses and romance. And like Julia Roberts, we all want the dream to continue. Lorena-Chiappara-Blog-Pretty-Woman-19-years-later

But, realistically, that’s not always the case. So let’s skip forward 19 years and imagine the worst…

The fairy tale has ended.

Your prince has turned into a frog… and has now gone.  You’ve got the kids, the dogs and only one income. The family home needs to be sold and the assets divided.…

Lorena-Chiappara-Blog-lost dollars

Selling your home – a cautionary tale!

Why the right real estate agent is the secret ingredient!

Once upon a time there was a lady who wanted to sell her home for the highest price possible.

It was a nice property in a great area – and it was furnished with large dark coloured, heavy looking furniture and couches.  In fact the main living area was overfilled with furniture.


Want to learn the 51st Shade of Grey in Real Estate?

Want to get  down and dirty?

That’s right- it’s all about using Home Staging & the right Real Estate Agent to sell  your home for top dollar!

It’s sexy.

It’s about giving over control to someone else.

It’s guaranteed to drive your buyers mad with desire for your home . . .  and it’s a dark little secret that very few real estate agents understand or embrace.…