About Lorena: Home Selling Specialist – My Story

Everyone warned me against going into real estate… “Don’t do it,” they said. “You’ve got to be a shark to make a success of it. You’ve got to be without a conscious…and that’s not you.”

So of course, being an Aquarian – I decided to ignore their advice; confident of trailing my own blaze in this hotly debated area of business.

Why? Because I knew I had something different to offer home sellers. I knew the secret of achieving the best price in a far shorter time frame than average.

You see, I’d learnt about finding value in a home, through correct presentation, from a very young age…

I grew up with a paint brush in my hand.  From the age of 8, I helped my parents renovate their investment properties to increase their value.

Even at that young age, I understood that the nicer the property looked, the easier it was to rent or sell.

What about now?

Then as an adult, I began to buy and renovate properties for my own benefit. I began attending loads of property seminars. The shift to selling homes was a natural progression from that.

I also know that homeowners work under a few misconceptions – all of which cost them a lot of money when it comes to selling their home.

They believe:

  • All agents are the same (and of course they all claim to be the best) … NOT ALWAYS SO!
  • That every agent should be an expert in getting the highest sales price … AGAIN, NOT ALWAYS SO!!
  • That their agent will advise them as to how to prepare their home for sale … SADLY, NOT SO!!!

The right agent is crucial to a successful sale!

You see, I’m adamant – fanatical you might say – that proper presentation of your home for sale is the ONLY way to achieve phenomenal results.

I give my home sellers honest price feedback, and then show them how to increase that price by using my team of professionals to take their property to a whole new level.

My goal, always …”Is to make the buyers fall in love with your home before they even walk through the front door.” Then we end up with a far larger number of buyers fighting to buy your home…for that premium price.

How To Sell For Top DollarI’m so committed to my ‘system of selling’ that l have written a book titled ‘How to Sell your Home For Top Dollar- Romance the buyers and they will pay more’.

You see I’m also a romance writer, and I understand that emotion sells. If the buyers have fallen in love – they will pay that premium price.

That’s why I’ve just recently acquired my own real estate franchise with Freedom Property so that I could look after my clients my way – the right way!

You see, I love the fact that my system allows my sellers to end up with more money, and ultimately, more options, when it comes to the next stage of their lives- be it to buy their next dream home; or the promise of a smaller home and greater funds to finally travel and/or enjoy life.

My clients are perfect examples of this – every one of them that has worked with me and my team has achieved between $35,000 – $215,000 more. And this is why I do what I do. Because I want people to know there is a better way.

If there is one thing you need to know About Lorena it’s that l do more than just talk about getting the best sale price for my clients . . . I actually achieve it.

It’s not just about a sale of your home, it’s got be the best sale!

I believe that information is power and I want to remove the fear that often surrounds the decision to sell your home. I produce regular videos and blogs aimed at educating home sellers about the sales process in general, how to choose the right agent and how to present your home correctly for sale.

So if you’d like to know more About Lorena and how I work; if you’re looking for the only real estate agent to get you real results, check out my range of videos and blogs. I want to show homeowners that there is a better way of selling your home.

Better still, call me now on 0412292230… for a personal consultation.